Living in a challenge house has its advantages.

This season's iteration, The Challenge: Total Madness, and its non-resilient war bunker setup have signed up for the MTV series, which began as a way to win real, telegenic candidates against those in the Road Rules franchise , and has changed In the soap opera that has to be seen, the inclusion of performers from more than a dozen different reality shows usually means sunny climes, a cute pool setting, and more than a little bit of partying.

The compromise: there are no vacation days. Though there is a physical-free day every week, Dan Caster, MTV producer and vice president of series development, told E! News from last year. Because even if they do not take part in competitions, they compete, fishing, strategy and playing skills are just as important to avoid elimination as sportiness and a knack for puzzles.

Perhaps that is why we feel so empty when they no longer appear regularly on our television screens.

Because for everyone Johnny Bananas and Chris "CT" Tamburello There is a Coral Smith who hasn't worn a Challenge T-shirt since her last appearance in Mexico at The Gauntlet III in 2008 Veronica Portillo& # 39; s recent return and an apparently nostalgic relapse in 2017, we will say anything is possible …)

In honor of today's Total Madness premiere, we started our own fight. Okay, it was about digging a little on social media, not wrestling with mud, hitting walls, or using explosives. But still … take a look at these challenge sizes that have decided not to dangle over the oceans anymore and to become real.

MTV; Instagram

A fixed point in the Challenge House from 2003 to 2013, perhaps also known for her romance with the model Steven Hill When she had two knockout victories and one last appearance, Cannatella continued her TV career with stops at Fear Factor, Criminal Minds and the small film The Scorned from 2005. She played her cards right, earned her living as a professional poker player, and even finished third at the 2010 WPT Invitational Tournament before love brought her back to her home state of Louisiana.

"We had an outdoor ceremony under huge oak trees and lanterns. I was brought in by a horse and a carriage and after we said" I do "a jazz band came out to play and then we had a huge fireworks display! " She told TooFab about her plantation wedding in 2017 with the Louisiana Air National Guard fighter pilot, John Heinsz. "It was really like a fairy tale."

Real world, then and now, Mike Mizanin

MTV; Getty Images

Who would have thought The Miz would actually become a wrestling powerhouse? Aside from the Ohio native who confidently announced MTV cameras, "The Miz is a character I created. He's basically a wrestling star. And he's ready for the big leagues." Almost 15 years after his Inferno II victory, he is WWE champion with eight intercontinental championships and his own reality show in the USA.

Miz & Mrs., returning for new episodes this summer, give viewers a glimpse of his six-year marriage to another wrestler Maryse Ouellet and her daughters: 2 years old Monroe and 6 months old Madison.

Real world, then and now, Eric Nies

Getty Images / Instagram

As the 2004 Battle of the Sexes 2 winner, this Real World OG has shown its fame as part of the first season cast in a hosting gig on MTV's The Grind, followed by a successful Grind workout series. He stays on the brand and is still working in the health and wellness sector after years of nightly shamanic journeys in the Amazon region, jumping on cliffs in Fiji and singing with monks in the Himalayas, among others.

The Hawaii-based licensed doctor of pastoral care and medicine offers guided cleansing and retreats for individuals or groups and has been promoting his website and his work as a "life, health, nutrition and wellness mediator, spiritual guide and addiction rehabilitation mediator" for over a decade his inclusion in the Television Hall of Fame as "one of the" pioneers of reality television "."

Real world, then and now, Ruthie Alcaide

MTV / Getty Images

Although the tough party Real World: Hawaii Alum has not returned to MTV since The Duel II 2009, she has replenished her IMDB profile with a role in The Rainbow Bridge Motel from 2018 and a lot of work behind the camera as a production assistant. The enthusiastic traveler from LA devotes herself to her hard-earned sobriety and gives lectures in which she informs others about the dangers of drug abuse. And for dedicated fans, it can be found on Cameo and offers good wishes and greetings for $ 35 per pop.

Abram Boise - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Abram Boise Instagram

Before his swan song in Battle of the Bloodlines 2015, the nine-time competitor had a TV exit strategy. Two years earlier, the artist, together with the musician brother Michael Boise, founded Soundcolor Studios, a multimedia production room that offers studio time, editing and illustration services and in 2019 received the title "Montana's entertainment business of the year" on his Instagram profile, which is not advertising dedicated to his construction projects serves as a thank you to the new bride Rachel Missie.

Paula Meronek - The challenge of MTV

MTV, Paula Meronek Instagram

That would be Paula Beckert, thank you, the star of Real World: Key West, who said goodbye to both her maiden name and her alter ego as Paula walnuts with a cocktail. Since their last appearance (their tenth!) At Rivals II 2013, the fan favorite and two-time champion Jack Beckert has welcomed the son Atlas, 5 and daughters Athena, 4 and Aurora, 13 months, and built a career as a regional officer manager for the Power Home Remodeling Group.

Tori Hall - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Tori Hall Instagram

With ex-husband Brad Fiorenza The Road Rules Alum, a two-time winner, made a lively return in the 2017 Vendettas – with a romance on the screen – and flirted with the idea of ​​returning to the show that united them in 2008. "I think that all these fathers will stay. When they come back and play, they get the opportunity and I am firmly convinced that women can have everything: careers, strong education, raising children, challenges," said the former pageant queen, now a specialist in Talent acquisition at ULTA Beauty. told us weekly in 2018.

Although she is very busy with the work and upbringing of sons, Brady, 8 and chase, 5, "I need to find out who I am and what is left at the end of the day. The problem with inserting your identity into someone else is that they will leave one way or another. So I want to go to mine to return." Root."

Kenny Santucci - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Kenny Santucci Instagram

The New York-based Fresh Meat Alum is a record holder for the highest number of consecutive final appearances by a man and has been a persona non grata in the MTV series since a reported incident in 2011. Not that he really asked for an invitation. "If (the show) was the same as before, where we had a license to do our own S – t, then yes, but to go back and sit there and be tortured? For what , 60 or 70 great that you have a chance to win? "He posed during an 2017 interview with the No Quitters podcast.

Fitspo will initially offer the still single "Mr. Beautiful" as master trainer (for Reebok, TechnoGym), ambassador (for Michelob Ultra and FITAID) and creator of Body by Solace.

Evan Starkman - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Mat Hayward / Getty Images for Tone It Up

Similar to his still close friend Santucci, the two-time winner has not seen a challenge house since 2011. This is a good thing since he had a lot to do with The Bait Shoppe, an agency he founded to "help creative teams" bring their ideas to life. "

Her website specializes in experimental marketing and promotes her ability to improve existing brands: "Sometimes it's about designing a engagement strategy or holding a perfect event. Sometimes it's about bringing an existing idea to life awaken or expand existing content. " Platform. "After a wedding in Mexico in 2016, he and his bride Rachael welcomed a son.

Coral Smith - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Coral Smith Twitter

Sure, she made four trips to the finals and won the Battle of the Seasons in 2002, but what really made the real world a real star: back to the New York star was her sharp tongue and a personality lively enough to be hers Making appearances as a reunion and after-show presenter after the end of her six-year run in 2008. Today she lives with her 6-year-old daughter in San Francisco Charlie and works as a moderator of an internet-based travel show and as a freelance writer.

Katie Cooley - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Katie Instagram

The biography on her design blog Decor Kate tells of her 4-year-old daughter Avery, her military veterinarian husband Cory Cooley, who works in real estate and runs a marketing company, and her job as a finance manager for a media production company near her bespoke Kentucky home. Not mentioned: her nine challenge appearances, her reign as Inferno Queen and this time she lost her seat Veronica Portillo. Although she gives a nod to her "Tell-It-How-I-See-It viewpoint".

Mark Long - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Mark Long Instagram

As a member of Road Rules' opening season in 1995, he spent 13 years in six seasons, scoring two wins. Although he had hung up his headscarf in 2012 in favor of a career as an entrepreneur (development of the pocket protein supplement) and a reality TV producer, he said to Yahoo three years later: "I said on my last show that I was done, but like everyone other." true legend of sport, I got itchy again. "

When he found that his contemporaries called him "the godfather", he continued: "I want all the big dogs on the show. I want the Johnny BananasI want the CTs, I want the zacks, I want the bees. Nobody is out of my reach or beyond my goal. … I'm done. I mean the time is right. I am physically ready. I'm 6-foot-3, 210 pounds of twisted steel. I am ready to do that. "

Rachel Robinson - The MTV Challenge

MTV, Rachel Robinson Instagram

After two victories in seven seasons, the former Road Rules highlight is now successful both as a master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in Miami and as the founder of Rachel Fitness. This practice is committed to "not only changing the body, but also the way you feel inside." . "She also offers plans that target buttocks, legs, chest, back, and stomach, as well as stylish sports.

Though their entanglements with Portillo and Aneesa Ferreira She has made headlines in recent years and her personal life is pretty much regulated. Wed to Gee Beauty co-founder Natalie Gee since 2017, they share 2 year old twins Jack and Jesse and 15 months old Ari.

Julie Stoffer - The MTV Challenge


Two years after her fifth and final appearance (in The Gauntlet 2 in 2006), the once protected Mormon girl from Provo, Utah and husband of the ophthalmologist Spencer Rogers decided to start a family and, as she says on her personal website, Planet Julie "My illustrious television career ended bitterly sweet, but welcome."

After staying in Wisconsin, Europe and Connecticut (where she graduated from UConn with a degree in health sciences), they settled in California because she wrote: "There is something on the California coast that you won't find anywhere else." There she focuses on raising Evelyn10 Westley, 8 and Forest, 3 who manage their various houses and, as she puts it, "a little bit of hobbies".

Tyler Duckworth - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Tyler Duckworth Instagram

His background as a competitive swimmer and all-round top athlete (remember his marathon on The Real World: Key West?) Led the Minneapolis-American to two wins in four seasons. After working as a trainer and wellness consultant for Boston Celtics, the graduate from Tufts University works in marketing for digital media and in strategic partnerships. His current appearance has overseen the LA-based director who oversees special events for the Long Beach Museum of Art Foundation.

Susie Meister - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Susie Meister Instagram

The cute Road Rules: Down Under competitors who take profits from two seasons have a PhD in Religious Studies and a stab in the on-air comments. "I wanted to combine my love of television with my academic experience and met with several agents who were ready to take on clients. I was interested in hosting shows, anchoring news programs and appearing on the air in panel discussions." "She wrote in a 2018 medium piece. The downside: she was told to be strictly conservative, something that she couldn't force herself to do.

Instead, she and her husband Adam, a British audio mixer she met on The Ruins, founded the WAVE Podcast Network, through which she hosts The Brain Candy Podcast with another Challenge vet Sarah Rice.

Sarah Rice - MTV is the challenge

MTV, Sarah Rice Instagram

Done with the show since Rivals III partner Johnny Bananas Thanks to Brain Candy, a show that aims to connect your left and right brain through the discussion of pop culture, literature, science and psychology, the new graduate of marriage and family therapy is still in for a total of $ 350,000 in 2016 public space.

Between shots and her frequent travels, she sells home decor, jewelry, and illustrations on Etsy and does hobbies. She shares her podcast biography, including "Crossword puzzles, organizing, and everything related to witchcraft."


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