“Hello, Gia.”

Sound of Silence is not a love triangle, but a story of survival and it was our first read by the author, Dakota Willink. If you’re in the mood for something dark and gritty, this romantic suspense will answer your call, although, we have to point out that story may contain triggers for some readers, so please read the author warning: Dakota Willink does not hold back.

“You want to talk about Sleeping with the Enemy? Well, I lived it.”

We were instantly gripped by the story – being tossed from side to side with the twists and turns, and catching ourselves shouting throughout over the impending danger, whilst squirming over the actions of her husband. We felt every moment of fear and heartbreak with Gianna over her predicament, and despised her dirty cop husband, Ethan, who was one calculating bastard!

This romantic suspense is told in three POV’s. Gianna’s – from the heady days of meeting the charming (yeah right!) Ethan, through to the moment he showed his true sinister colours. Ethan’s POV is expressed in a warped, twisted, and sinister manner. And the sweet and gentle Derek, who’s POV brought balm to our tattered hearts and angst-ridden stomachs.

‘I didn’t have to lose a piece of myself to find love.’

They say you never know what transpires in someone’s life and in Gianna’s case, this rang true. To the outside world, she lived an idyllic life – a beautiful home, an attentive husband, married to the youngest Chief of Police in the Cincinnati Police Dept.  Gianna appeared to have it all. But looks can be deceiving.

‘They thought Ethan was perfect in every way – from his polished exterior to the smooth way he spoke. But they didn’t know about the monster who lived beneath the façade.’

As much as some parts of this story made us feel uncomfortable, we couldn’t look away! We did feel there were moments when the book didn’t quite know what it wanted to be, but we were transfixed and horrified for Gianna on every step of her journey. We willed her to find the peace she deserved and flicked every page desperately, yet tentatively waiting to see how it played out. And breathe……