’He was such a selfish kisser. Kissing me only when he wanted, biting me, controlling every dip, lick, and press of our lips.’

Isn’t it both the best and worst feeling when you’re in the mood for a certain type of story and upon scouring your TBR for inspiration you find exactly what you’ve been craving? It’s the best feeling because you happen upon the perfect book to satisfy your reading mood, and the worst of feelings because, when you finish the book you realise such a gem has been languishing unread in your pile of e-books for a couple of years!

‘Sometimes it felt like you needed to be the worst you could be to survive in this world.’

So, what were we in the mood for? We needed a passionate gritty Mafia read – one that would provide us with the qualities we seek in this theme – you know the ones? A read brimming with:

Forbidden romance
Intense sexual tension
Angst aplenty
A Mafia Anti-hero
Sizzling hot chemistry and a dangerous attraction!

‘The truth was, not every man could handle being a Russo. My nonna used to say our blood ran hotter than most.’

So, did The Sweetest Oblivion live up to the challenge? Hell, yes it did, and 29-year-old Nico Russo, one of the most feared and respected Don’s in the Cosa Nostra, more than lived up to the anti-hero who had our hearts in a spin and our Kindles overheating! This man oozed sex appeal, danger and magnetism that drew us in immediately. He was rude, arrogant, controlling, and cold. He was an inferno of heat!

‘He’s just a man, I reminded myself. A man with the worst reputation in New York State.’

‘Sweet’ Elena Abelli is no stranger to the Mafia world. This 21-year-old has seen more in her years than many. The daughter of a high-profile boss, one of the biggest organised crime syndicates in the US, Elena has witnessed firsthand the devastation this life can wreak on those associated with her. It’s guilt she wears like a cloak. There were times when Elena’s decisions would frustrate us, but we understood her hasty decisions were in line with her naivety and upbringing.

‘I didn’t want trouble, this man lived for it.’

Through a series of violent circumstances, Elena is now about to embark on an arranged marriage with Nico Russo, a man with who she is fighting intense sexual chemistry, but will his lifestyle and her past be their undoing or will love find a way to prosper in a deadly world where one wrong step could be your downfall. The way Nico and Elena would spar was gripping and fierce.

‘Whiskey and flame. Sleepless nights. Tattooed skin, white t-shirts, and rough hands. Love and lust and happiness. He was everything.’

Gritty, passionate, suspenseful, and utterly compelling, The Sweetest Oblivion had a great storyline, and the slow burn was on point! We always say a slow burn makes that passionate fire even more intense and hotter when it finally takes hold. We loved this book, and we just know this will be one wickedly addictive series!

‘I hadn’t known it was possible to want something so much and to fear it in equal measure.’