How do you greet an employee on the first working day? Most would say "hello" or "nice to meet you" as the typical social conventions dictate. But Jack Black isn't a typical guy and Jumanji: The Next Level isn't a standard blockbuster either.

When he introduced himself to the new co-star Awkwafina, it was an obvious step for Jack Black to sing Guns N & # 39; Rose's "Welcome To The Jungle" when these two comedic heads first met on the set.

This is the kind of thing you'd expect from Jack Black, as he's known around the world for his musical arts, not only thanks to his band Tenacious D, but also thanks to appearances in pioneering films like School of Rock.

But whether you expect it or not, nothing can prepare you for the man who brings Jumanji to life: Professor Shelly Oberon from the next level, who is approaching you, sings with his best Axl Rose voice and tells you exactly where you are are and wherever you are gonna die.

You can see Jack Black and Awkwafina tell the story of their first meeting and, courtesy of WIRED, answer some of the Internet's most pressing questions in the video below:

What's even funnier is the fact that this isn't even the first story Jack Black is playing on the set of a Jumanji film that sings the same song. When ScreenRant recorded Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle during the press tour, Black's habit of singing this song on set helped director Jake Kasdan pin down the title for the first sequel that Jumanji put back on the agenda.

Well, a sequel to the future, Jumanji: The Next Level seems to have benefited from Jack Black's interpretation of "Welcome To The Jungle" as the second part of this potential trilogy has broken records and made big money since the middle of the year. December debut.

Of course, if there is a fourth film / third part of the modern Jumanji trilogy, this means that there will probably be more new faces in this world of video game adventure. This also means that Jack Black will have to warm these pipes up from the moment the film is announced, as there is now an additional expectation that Jumanji: The Next Levels' successor will have to be blessed in the same way as his ancestors.

We'll have to wait and see how things go, but for now, let's show the picture of Awkwafina and Jack Black meeting for the first time and his rock skills delivering those shrill vocals to make a pact of friendship that most likely it will take forever. It warms your heart, doesn't it?

Jumanji: The next level is now in the cinemas, waiting for eager and willing players to enter the jungle.


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