‘We are both two broken souls, fractured in opposite ways. She loved and lost…And I was lost before I could ever love at all.’

5 heartfelt stars, and what an introduction to Jennifer Hartmann’s storytelling! The Wrong Heart has left an indelible mark on our hearts, as we’re still living every moment of this unforgettable emotionally stirring story of love, grief, and second chances. What could have been cliché was anything but, thanks to the incredible talent of Jennifer Hartmann. This lady turned this theme on its head, delivering a unique and all-consuming love story that left us emotionally drained, yet so completely fulfilled. When we say we loved everything about this story, we mean everything!

‘Finality has a particular way of making you see every small, precious thing. It opens your eyes with a newfound appreciation for everything that is present and tangible.’

The prologue had us instantly hooked as the author led us headfirst into the moment that changed Melody March’s life forever. On the day Melody and her husband Charlie were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary, we witness firsthand Melody’s pain as Charlie is so senselessly taken from her. The scenes were hauntingly and honestly written, ensuring we felt Melody’s devastation and loss deep in our hearts. We grieved for her past and mourned her future that died along with Charlie.

‘You don’t know me, but you have my husband’s heart.’

A year on, Melody is twenty-eight and grieving the loss of Charlie, trying to get through each day as it comes. She has fabulous support from her brother, parents, and best friend Leah, but losing Charlie is a pain she can’t bear.

Melody is instantly drawn to the brooding and tortured Parker Denison, whom she meets at a support group and feels instantly drawn to. Parker is a tapestry of conflict and pain, a complex man devoid of emotion and love who has only known darkness and pain. Melody and Parker are opposites in every way, and their friendship is one of trepidation for Parker.

“What are you afraid of, Parker?”
“Don’t make me answer that.”

If we thought we knew how this story was going to unfold, we were greatly mistaken! Jennifer Hartmann threw us for a loop so many times. She toyed with our hearts as she beautifully captured the conflict of Melody’s battles as she strives to preserve her memories, whilst experiencing guilt at needing to move on. We were hit hard as we ‘felt’ every emotion she expelled. The way in which this author so perfectly captured the storm of emotions consuming the tortured Parker left us gasping and gripping our hearts. The story flowed so effortlessly amid the torrent of emotions.

“Tell me your story…”
“You don’t want to hear my story. It’s not a nice story.”
That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be told.”
She whispers back.

Yes, this is a heavy story, but there are moments of brightness and light that only intensified as we moved towards an epilogue that must go down as one of the most deeply moving epilogues we have ever read. We were left in a flood of tears, reflecting on one of the most beautiful love stories we’ve read this year. They say there is no reward without pain, and that’s how we’d describe The Wrong Heart. This author shredded our hearts to pieces, then stitched them back together with love, sincerity, and a whole lot of clever and insightful storytelling. Be sure to pre-order this book, releasing 10th August. A 2021 must-read!

“I’ll never intentionally hurt you, Melody.”
“Intentional or not, it doesn’t hurt any less.”