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01 Hip Street – Nu Tropic
02 Yunowhathislifeez (Motorcity Mix) – Metropolitan Jazz Affair
03 Summertime – Patchworks
04 Cafe Bahia (Marc Mac 4Hero Remix) – 24 Carat
05 Brotherhood (Mitsu the Beats Remix) – Sleep Walker
06 Be the One – L’Aroye
07 Walk That Way (with Georg Levin) -Steppah Huntah
08 Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Richard E’s Stoned Rolling Mix) -Allen Hoist
09Flow Like a River -Robert Aaron
10 Both Sides – Mr Day

The spirit of the “This Is Nu Jazz” series is to bringing jazz into a modern context by blending this essential improvisation-based art form with other styles like funk, hiphop, electronica and more. Artists include Patchworks,Alles Hoist, Mr. Day and many others!



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