Tiffany Haddish in a recent interview dispelled rumors and set the record straight about her relationship with Common

Haddish, 40, says the relationship with the 48-year-old rapper is unlike anything she’s ever experienced, and has hope for the future. 

“I feel like it’s gonna work,” she tells Extra’s Rachel Lindsay. “I haven’t felt like this about a relationship ever.” 

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The couple sparked rumors of a breakup recently when Common briefly unfollowed Haddish on social media. But the two are once again following each other, and confirmed their relationship via social media after saying “I love you” on Instagram Live.

For her part, Haddish is looking forward to the debut of her Lifetime movie Christmas Unwrapped, on which she served as executive producer. The television film portrays a newspaper reporter assigned to investigate a philanthropic bachelor to determine how he obtains his millions to help the poor. Amid the ensuing scandal, sparks fly between the writer and bachelor.


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