Time travel latest Hollywood sci-fi eng movie 2020 ( Subscribe plz )

In this movie, historic events are shown and sci-fi, fantasy, action, adventure.
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  1. Ok. So at first I was thinking; a time travel movie with religion involved this is going to be a disaster. Someway some how they pulled it off. I mean it wasn't perfect but it actually was a decent watch and I'm not a religious person.

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  3. I made it a little over 1/3 of the way through the movie… but it's just so dull that I'm going to have to bail. The last two-thirds has "predictable" written all over it. Were that not bad enough, the actors are so overly melodramatic.

  4. Continuum or Paradox? It doesn't seem like you understand the concept of time travel good sir. The farther you go back in time, the greater the divergence. That means, even if you travel back to see the Crucifiction of Jesus Christ, there's a very high possibility that Jesus Christ might not even exist. I don't know if the stories are true. I'm highly skeptical of the concept of a god, but even I know time travel isn't that simple. There are infinite finite worldlines in the M-Verse. The odds of you landing on the exact same timeline as your past self or anybody else for that matter are 1 and infinity.
    E.g. you can go back in time to kill your grandfather on worldline A but still exist in worldline B. Just because you kill your grandfather doesn't mean you cease to exist.

  5. the movie writer is stupid totally stupid . he is just lying about religion . right now every where in the world Holy Quran is available with translation every language .go and read first about jesus in Sorah Muriam in Quran . for your kind information any Muslim in the world he is not Muslim until he accept Jess is Prophet of god . we love Jesus more then over self and we bleave that Jesus didn't killed . God take him back with his body he is alive and he will come back again one day and 40 years live on earth .and that's 100% true . so mr writer keep it in your mind when you want to write something about religion you have to read the Bible and Quran . because this is very sensitive . hope you under stand or in my opinion people's who using religion for money personally they don't have any religion .


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