Are you down with CDC? Yeah, you know me! Says every last Zombie.

If you asked them, they would probably say that, but of course still eat your brains. Yet this is not just about Zombies – sorry. I mean it could be, but that’s another movie list. At this time in modern human history – life has indeed imitated art. The infectious disease pandemic has come home to roost. So, this is the perfect time to give you my top five movies, involving infectious diseases, and trust me, it will not be four zombie flicks. Let’s count down my top five infectious disease movies.

5) Contagion

Gwyneth Paltrow pulls up in the Midwest after chillin’ in the Far East. I know stereotypical, but it was 2011, they didn’t know any better. Anyway, she gets infected and dies, but no one knows the reason. Her spouse played by Perennial American Good boy Matthew Damon searches for the cause. Meanwhile people are dropping dead, left and right around the world. Doctors try to find a cure, but you know how these movies usually go. I wonder if everyone wore masks and washed their hands would Contagion have been a shorter movie.

4) Out Break

An African Monkey (here we go again) is illegally smuggled into America. Little do all parties involved know, the monkey is tainted with a fatal disease. Sounds familiar? The breakout starts in where else, but in small town California. Sounds like a Chainsmokers’ remix. Dustin Hoffman or as I like to call him – Dusty Rain man – is brought in to help solve the problem, with of course, a group of expert A – listers. The ragtag group of Hollywood’s most marketable must find a cure, before this illness finds its way into the mainstream population. I believe no monkeys were actually hurt in the filming.

3) 28 days

Brought to you by Danny Boyle. If you don’t know who that is, please put down your Marvel movies and pick up Slumdog Millionaire. Story – A PETA like group frees – of all things – a monkey. But this monkey has anger issues. I mean really bad anger issues. He was made that way through the miracles of modern science.

Anyway, Cillian Murphy comes out of a coma or whatever the British call a long night at the pub. He wakes and the city is completely empty with the exception of very fast Zombies. Usan Bolt Zombies with yes – anger issues. He stumbles upon a group of survivors trying to find a safe place. Hopefully they worked on their cardio.

2) DayBreakers

An epidemic turns the people of the world into Vampires – who need of all things – blood. The only problem is of course, there is not enough to go around. A Hematologist (a scientist who studies blood of course) attempts to create fake blood to feed the hell spawned, walking dead massive. In steps Willem Defoe (that’s William with an E) who claims of course – he has a cure. They all do. Everyone has cures. This cure will turn the planet back into humans, which I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad. At least with vampires you know what you get – eaten. Vampires, Plagues, and Willem Defoe! Come on man!

1) Blindness

Ah. It’s not Zombies! I fooled you again. I’m a George Romero fan boy anyway, so Zombies have their own exclusive list. Well after that underhanded curve ball, here is the number one film on my Infectious disease movie tally. White Blindness hits an American city, and I’m not talking about gentrification. Everyone goes blind like witnesses on a New York city subway car.

The initial cases are quarantined in an unused Asylum. But quickly the criminal minded and the  more aggressive blind, start to extort the weaker blinds, any chance they get. But there is a woman, and she can see! Plot Point! Guess what happens next? Too late. And that concludes my list!

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