To end all power movements, the Ultra Music Festival has officially announced that it has bought the city of Miami so that it never worries again about permits or the risk of being kicked out of its home in Bayfront Park. As stated in the press release, buying the entire city gives them the opportunity to host the festival wherever they want.

“After the events of 2019, we wanted to make sure that the Ultra Music Festival and its participants never had to worry about whether or where the festival would take place,” says a press release from the festival. "Ultra and the city of Miami have come to an agreement and handed over the city charter to the ultra organizers."

The move is unique. No other festival has ever gone so far as to buy the city where it takes place to ensure its carefree and infinite survival.

The residents of the meeting were understandably distraught, and many stood on the podium to contest the sale. However, under a lesser-known provision in the city charter, it was found that it is possible to transfer ownership of the entire land area to a single entity – in this case, the Ultra Music Festival – without the approval or consent of constituents.

“Of course, we have the city's greatest interest at heart and will do everything we can to minimize the impact of the festival on regular Miami events. Apart from that, we now have absolute power within the city limits and the possibility of a second Ultra Music Festival in autumn is currently being discussed. If everything goes well, we can even add a third or fourth for each season. "

The official announcement is expected this Friday.

Disclaimer: Happy April Fool’s. We know at the moment that everyone is injured and #NoAprilFools is even on trend, but we felt that it was not in line with our way of working to not bring recklessness and laughter into an otherwise very dark phase of our lives. Although we try to fool you briefly, our goal is not to upset or kindle existing problems, but to turn the script over and examine a world where the unimaginable thrives. We hope that you and your friends stay healthy in these difficult times.


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