Video Released of Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview Walkout, Facebook Rejects Pro-Trump Ad | THR News

Donald Trump posted his not quite 60 Minutes interview to Facebook claiming “bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS.” Meanwhile Joe Biden said he would put together a bipartisan commission to study various court reforms in his own 60 Minutes interview and distributors of the pro Trump documentary, ‘The Plot Against the President,’ claim that the film is getting the cold shoulder from Amazon and Facebook.

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0:00 – CBS 60 Minutes Clips Biden and Trump
1:09 – Trump Releases Full 60 Minutes
2:42 – Pro-Trump Documentary Gets Amazon, Facebook Cold Shoulder

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Video Released of Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview Walkout, Facebook Rejects Pro-Trump Ad | THR News

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  1. He walked out cus the producer said there’s 5 min left.
    What else can they cover in 5 min? Trump said it’s ok we’re done here. They make it seem like he didn’t do the interview lol… this channel fake lol

  2. The acts of fascist are replicated by democrats & the militant terrorist of their party.
    *Eliminate police
    *Confiscate guns
    *Dismantle the country's constitution
    *Control all news media & communicate propaganda
    *Punish political dissent
    *March through streets burning down homes & businesses
    *Block highways/ roadways, rip citizens from their cars & beat them to death
    *March through towns rioting, looting & murdering
    Democrats = 1933 Germany

  3. I dont blame him walking out! The ignorance the media treats him, he should walk out more! And he DID BRI G BACK MANY JOBS AND OUR ECONOMY WAS THRIVING! How OBAMA who said it couldnt be done is funny! Now he wants blame and for 8 yrs a really did nothing! Bias News, face it none of you will ever cover real factual news! All liberal lies and propaganda

  4. It was my first time to see her on tv and last time. She is denying truth pushing her narratives and disrespecting. Answers did not fit 60’ so she had to create this harsh time. Lame disgusting

  5. They used to be fair but they take now the fake democratic Elite suggestions on what to say and what not to say! If the President didn’t show us the real footage we would see the doctored version of 60 minutes …what a freaking shame. Never thought .i would see Leslie Stall sell her soul to the devil for money and stature!


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