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<p>Many countries, including Belgium, France and Italy, have started banning events of a certain capacity to curb the spread of the highly contagious corovirus covid-19. Washington State is now the first state to follow suit. The state is reported to ban events that target concerts, sporting events, and similar gatherings, including gatherings of more than <strong>250 people</strong> in the Seattle area to curb the spread of the new corona virus.</p>
<p>The areas affected by the ban are the counties of King, Pierce and Snohomish, including Tacoma and Seattle, as well as most of the most populous metropolitan areas in the state. According to the 2017/2018 census data, a total of around 3.86 million people are affected by the ban.</p>
<p>The Hill writes: “The regulation would not prohibit people from going to work or school and, according to the AP, does not apply to retail stores. To date, more than 115 public and private schools across Washington have been closed for at least one day due to the corona virus. "</p>
<p>Washington has been the hardest hit by the virus in the United States to date, with more than 260 confirmed infections and at least 24 deaths. However, most deaths have been linked to a Seattle nursing home whose residents have a higher mortality rate due to the virus.</p>
<p>A period has not yet been announced and is unlikely to last until Beyond Wonderland PNW launches in June. The gorge is also outside the listed ban areas. Governor Jay Inslee is expected to announce the measure later in the morning during a press conference.</p>
<p>Photo via Bala Sivakumar / Wikimedia Commons</p>
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