Watch a discussion with Leonard Maltin about restoring Roman holidays

The valued and enduring classic roman vacation Debut on Blu-ray for the first time as part of the Paramount Presents series on September 15, 2020 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Now the studio has unveiled a new one roman vacation Restoration discussion (in which participated) with the legendary film critic Leonard Maltin. Check out the discussion video below! Click here to pre-order roman vacation on Blu-ray!

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The exquisite Audrey Hepburn lights up the screen in her first leading role opposite the charismatic Gregory Peck in this fun, beautiful and exhilarating romantic comedy. Classified by the American Film Institute as the fourth largest love story ever. roman vacation received 10 Oscar nominations, including "Best Film", and won the best actress for Hepburn, the best costume design for legendary designer Edith Head and the best writing for Dalton Trumbo.

The director William Wyler's fairy tale from 1953 was one of the first Hollywood films to be filmed on location and memorably captures Rome's busy streets and places of worship. roman vacation expresses the exhilaration of joyfully freeing itself when the main character escapes her royal duties against the backdrop of post-war Europe, which includes the long-awaited peace.

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was blacklisted for refusing to work with the House Un-American Activities Committee, and his name was not included in the film's original credits. In 1992, the Academy's Board of Governors voted to finally attribute Trumbo the Oscar for "storytelling," and his widow received a statuette in 1993. In 2011, the WGA restored Trumbo's name in the screenplay credits. This is the first release of physical home entertainment where Dalton Trumbo correctly specifies both the script and the story, both on the packaging and on the film itself.

The original negative was processed in a local film laboratory in Rome and unfortunately badly scratched and damaged. The film had to be reassembled, but the splices were so weak due to the damage that large amounts of tape had to be used to get the negative through a press. Because of the fragile state of the negative, a dupe negative was made and then blown up a few thousandths of an inch to cover all of the splice tape that held the original negative together.

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In anticipation of this new Blu-ray release, the film was digitally restored using the Dupe negative and a fine grain element to take the best possible picture. Every image was checked and the film was thoroughly cleaned to remove thousands of scratches, dirt particles and other damage. Since there are no audio elements to properly mix up to 5.1, the original mono track was remastered and minor anomalies were corrected. The result is a film that returns to its original vitality and beauty and remains true to the vision of director William Wyler.

The limited Paramount Presents Blu-ray Disc will be presented in a cardboard box containing a flip-out picture of the film's movie release poster and an interior with key film moments. Newly remastered from a 4K movie broadcast that roman vacation Blu-ray also includes a new filmmaker focus with film historian Leonard Maltin, access to a digital copy of the film, and previously released features about Oscar-winner Audrey Hepburn, Edith Head's Oscar-winning * costumes, and writer Dalton Trumbo's blacklist and much more.

Bonus material:
– Filmmaker focus: Leonard Maltin on the Roman holiday
– Behind the gates: costumes
– Rome with a princess
– Audrey Hepburn: The most important years
– Dalton Trumbo: From the A list to the blacklist
– Primarily in the 50s: memory of Audrey
– Movie trailer
– Four photo galleries: production, film, advertising, premiere


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