Justin Timberlake is encouraging fans to vote.

The 39-year-old singer gave one group of Pennsylvania phone bankers the ultimate surprise when he crashed their Zoom call.

“ONE MORE DAY,” he wrote on Instagram alongside footage from the call on Nov. 2. “If you haven’t already, please get out and #VOTE! Thank you to this amazing group of PA phone bankers and voters for letting me crash your zoom.” 

The callers, who were phone banking in support of presidential nominee Joe Biden, were about to start their meeting when they noticed that someone named “Justin Branch” hadn’t turned on his computer camera. Of course, Justin Branch turned out to be JT and he told the callers that they “have a huge fan in me.”

“So, as you know, your city, your state is going to be huge in this election,” he said. “I always was told when I was young that the hardest work that you do is the work that nobody gets to see. I think that really is apropos to what you guys are doing behind the scenes for the campaign. And I just wanted to come on and say how much I appreciate it, and you guys are the real rock stars. So, thank you so much.”


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