“What happens when the stars fall, Jude?”
“I’ll put them back in the sky for you…”

When the Stars Fall by Emery Rose is one of the most beautiful, angsty and heart-breaking romances we’ve read in a while. It felt all-encompassing, from childhood to adulthood we came to know and love Jude and Lila and Brody to an extent, as they grew and faced the highs and lows in life; love, loss and tragedy. Emery Rose is a wonderful storyteller, the writing was flawless and the vivid imagery intense and passionate. The feelings we got from reading When the Stars Fall reminded us of the books we read and fell in love with back in the day which spurred us on to start blogging just so we could shout from the rooftops: READ THIS BOOK!

‘I used to think our love was strong enough to survive anything. Even a combat zone. I was wrong.’
“Could you just turn around and look at me? Please?”
“Why? So I can see what I’ve lost? I don’t need another reminder of that.”

Jude, Lila and Brody’s friendship is like a fresh green three-leafed clover turning its face to the sun. Being bathed in warm sunny memories and pure unfiltered happiness. But how will it fare when the storm and torrential rain hits it? We loved their childhood shenanigans and the depth of their connection. As they grow up and real-life hits them they need to hold on to the good days to survive the bad, when reality sets in it really takes no prisoners. Our hearts went through all the emotions, laughter and joy as well as aches and tremendous pain. It was a stunning journey!

‘He was my summertime. My childhood memories. The boy who knew I was scared of thunderstorms and ran down to my house in the pouring rain to make sure I was okay.’

‘She was the only girl who made me angry. Frustrated. Jealous. The only one who made me want to protect her from all the bad things in the world. The only girl I wanted to spend time with. The only girl I wanted to talk about anything and nothing with.’

Honestly, we cannot express how much we loved When the Stars Fall by Emery Rose. It felt tremendously complete if that makes any sense. A love so pure from childhood, a soul mate love that withstands everything life can possibly throw at it. It reminded us that sometimes you have to lose something incredibly important to fully appreciate what you had and when you rebuild it, it can become so much more, not just memories and experiences, but growth, understanding and appreciation. A love and friendship which literally can withstand an almighty storm and turn its face back to the sun. It’s a sign of a magnificent Author when you openly grieve over such a fierce love lost and feel emotionally exhausted as she takes you on a journey of healing. Emery Rose is this Author and we cannot recommend this wonderful story highly enough to all our fellow romance readers who love having their hearts broken and lovingly stitched back together again!

“The stars are still in the sky, baby. Just open your eyes and look up. On the darkest nights, they shine the brightest. And one day soon you’ll see that you never really needed me to put them back in the sky for you.”


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