A complete remake of Scarface could therefore in principle be regarded as disrespectful, since so many people are unable to divorce their knowledge of the 1983 version while in cinemas for that version – provided, of course, they do out to the theater at all. So the best way to redesign Scarface would be to look at it from a new perspective. Any attempt to simply repeat the 1983 version is immediately considered inferior.

The best hope would be to do something unique with the premise, hopefully with a visionary director and a leading man who can bring the fireworks together in a way that doesn't immediately call back to the originals while reminding them why they loved the original have films in the first place. It's a difficult balance, and it's hard to know if anyone can do it in a satisfactory way. The 2014 version with Pablo Lorrain sounded the most promising in this regard, but this particular version of the film is long gone.


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